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We educate and empower professionals and entrepreneurs to get to their next level by optimizing their TIME and MONEY. We use practical and actionable strategies that translate into real-world results through our speaking engagements and online masterclasses.

Money Mapping Masterclass is now open! It kicks off May 29th- reserve your seat now.
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Be the person today to create your tomorrow.

This is not a rubber stamp approach - we help you implement the specific tools and habits that fit your strengths.


Do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list each day?

These strategies will help you feel that vibrancy you have been missing because you're tired and have a million things running through your brain.


Do you feel pulled between working on your business and working in your business?

Entrepreneurs and professionals often get caught in this cycle. Condense your curve of learning by utilizing our optimization assessment and network of professional resources.


Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to have more time?

Learn how to begin each week with a clear mind about your work schedule, intentional time with your loved ones, and get back time for yourself.


Are you irritated that your bank account doesn't grow and you simply feel STUCK?

We’ll show you how to create the mindset and habits that actually stick so that your bank account starts giving you the options you have been craving.


We know that  TIME and MONEY are catalysts for generating anything else you want in life.

Don't let another week or year go by wondering where your time and money went.  Be the person today to create your tomorrow.

Join our live Masterclass May 29th and June 5th

Everybody wants more TIME and MONEY. 

Here's the best part - the habits and mindsets needed to thrive in both of these areas are so tightly intertwined.  When you understand these strategies, you can accelerate your energy, growth, and freedom in unbelievable ways.

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Sha Grondin 

RICP¬ģ¬† ¬†CLTC¬ģ

Sha Grondin comes from the financial services industry with a unique mix of business savvy and servant leadership. Throughout her career with a Fortune 100 company, she's known for her ability to build and lead highly successful teams. Her innovative and engaging style has not only driven team performance but also significantly contributed to achieving organizational goals. 

Sha is best known for her pivotal role in shaping the professional landscape, having trained thousands of professionals in both personal and professional development.  She has always been passionate about making an impact and helping people know better, so they can do better.  Her skills in mastering time have been tested and proven through her business endeavors and at home raising her five children.

Elizabeth Rosenberg

Elizabeth Rosenberg is a seasoned professional with a passion for empowering individuals to take control of their finances while cultivating a positive mindset toward money. As a dynamic public speaker, she has inspired audiences with her insights on financial management and personal growth.  She has consulted over 200 businesses on an international scale, providing them with the guidance and strategies needed to thrive financially.

Elizabeth knows that money is often a taboo topic, and is on a mission to expand that conversation to help others have the flexibility and options they desire by transforming their relationship with money.  "The skills and mindset I teach here are exactly what I'm instilling in my own children. That's how strongly I believe in them and the quality of life they help provide."

"Money Magnats is a life reflection of Sha Grondin. Never have I known someone to live with such an abundance mentality, balanced by intentionality."

- Julie L.

"Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me prioritize my spending for my wedding. Her advice and support reshaped my mindset on finances, allowing me to make decisions that aligned with my values and goals for my big day."

- Cortney S.

"Sha has a natural way of connecting with people to get their buy-in to get the very best out of themselves. She is one of the best in her profession and coaching others to elevate their career has been shown over and over again to be successful."

- Rick G.

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Will You Be The Next Success Story?

The doors are now OPEN for our live masterclass, "Money Mapping". You will be amazed at how empowered you will feel when you gain control over your money habits and mindset! 

This masterclass is a 2-part live series on May 29th and June 5th.  Both trainings are from 12-1 PM EST. 

Count Me In
One of the values that we connected on the first time we met was our desire to impact others with our work and be generous with our money.  
That's why a portion of our profits will be donated to a nonprofit each quarter.  Here's the exciting part - YOU get to help us choose who will receive that donation! Send us a message on Instagram letting us know of an amazing nonprofit that could use our support and we'll consider them the next time we write a check. Let's make a difference together!